Why Join Roofing Corp of America?

Roofing Corp of America is looking to grow by acquiring the leading, entrepreneurial roofing companies in markets all over the United States. If you would like to monetize your hard work and accomplishments by selling your company, be sure to pick an investor knowledgeable in the field and one that will respect your brand, your team, and your legacy. That is Roofing Corp of America.

We are looking for companies with the following characteristics:

  • Exceptional market reputation and leadership
  • Diverse customer base
  • Large commercial market presence
  • Solid presence in the commercial repair and replacement segment
  • Profitable and stable
Roofing Corp of America is a full-service provider of commercial, industrial, and residential roofing.
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Our Companies

Roofing Group
Full-range commercial roofing and sheet metal contractor that has served the Southeast US from Atlanta since 2003.
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Roofing Company
The Bone Dry Roofing Company was founded in 2003 by Chad Collins and Travis Webb. Headquartered in Athens, Georgia,
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The Original
Roofing Company
Established in the 1960's, our company has seen over 50 years of commercial and residential roof tear-offs, installations.
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AAA Roofing
& Waterproofing
The leading Commercial / Industrial Roofing Contractor in the Western US with offices in California and Idaho
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Davco Roofing
& Sheet Metal
Davco Roofing & Sheet Metal was founded in 2008 by Dan Davis. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC
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